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Crossing Selected - Ultra Box (Recommended for Age 15+)

Crossing Selected - Ultra Box (Recommended for Age 15+)

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Crossing Selected -Ultra Box

1 PSA Graded Card and 1 Crossing™ Slab Stand

Cards are randomly inserted. The cards shown or listed are for demonstration purposes only and may or not be contained inside. Odds for a vintage holo (up to 2004) is across the entire production run and there is no written, oral, or implied representation that the purchaser will get any specific card. Crossing Media Inc. is not affiliated with the manufacturers of these items. All logos & trademarks are registered and licensed trademarks and Crossing Media Inc. makes no representations or warranties as to the use of any logo or trademark. Purchaser is expressly advised that they are solely responsible for the legal use of all logos and trademarks. The cards inside have been purchased from the secondary market and repackaged for resale by Crossing Media Inc.

X - Two gold "CROSSING" logos represent an "X" special slab. ($400-$700+)

SSR - A gold first, red second "CROSSING" logo represents a Super Special Rare slab. ( $300-$400)

SR - A red first, gold second "CROSSING" logo represents a Special Rare slab. ($200-$300)

R - Two red "CROSSING" logos represent a Rare slab. ($150-$200)

(Recommended Age: 15+ Years)

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